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USA vs Colombia opening match Copa America Centenario 2016 live

USA vs Colombia opening match Copa America Centenario 2016 live: USA vs Colombia in the opening match of the Copa America Centenario 2016 clash at Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara on Sunday, 3 June. Kick-off Time is set for 2:30am BST (Sunday)/ 9.30pm ET/7am IST (Sunday). Copa America Centenario 2016 Live telecast will be available on Premier Sports. In India, Sony ESPN will provide the live telecast link.

Copa America Centenario 2016 Match Details 

Team: USA vs Colombia
Date: 3 June 2016
Time-: 2:30am BST 9.30pm ET/7am IST

USA vs Colombia match Betting Odds (Betfair)

USA to win: 17/10
Draw: 19/10
Colombia to win: 29/20

USA vs Colombia Team News

Possible XI: Guzan; Yedlin, Cameron, Brooks, Johnson; Bradley, Jones, Bedoya; Zardes, Dempsey, Wood

Possible XI: Ospina; Arias, Aguilar, Murillo, Diaz; Cardona, Torres; Cuadrado, Rodriguez, Sanchez; Bacca

USA vs Colombia Match Live TV Channel  

TV Pública
Fox Sports
Rede Globo, SporTV
Netflix,[citation needed] CTV
Canal 13
Caracol TV, Señal Deportes (joint venture)
 Costa Rica
Repretel, Teletica
Tele Haiti
Kompas TV
IRIB 3 – IRIB Varzesh – IRIB HD
TV Tokyo

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Copa America Centenario Official theme song - Anthem

Copa America Centenario Official theme song - Anthem “Football is not just a sport, it’s a religion.” This is such a powerful statement which holds true across the community of people of play and/or follow football. Those who associate themselves with this sport inevitable fall in love with game, not able to detach themselves from the passion, intensity, and ferocity which football inspires. People who follow football and lay their allegiance on a particular team or player does so with all their heart and soul, ready to sacrifice anything and everything for their teams to win awards and accolades. With fans and followers running so high on passion and intensity, big tournaments are usually also accompanied with a theme song that breathes life and festivity into this beautiful sport.
IPL 2017 Live Stream

Copa America Centenario Official theme song 

True to the tradition, this year’s Copa America Centenario, which is to be held in the United States, has also had a few theme songs which will be music to the ears of fans all over the world. “Somos Uno”, by the Puerto Rican singer Yandel will serve as the official song for the tournament. A beautiful and energetic rendition of the song was performed by Yandel during the tournament’s fixtures draw. The message given forward by the song is one of unity and solidarity. “Somos Unos” is Spanish for “We are one”, and throughout the song Yandel sings of crossing boundaries and breaking divisions to live together united as we all are brothers. This is an inspirational song serving as the official song for the Copa America Centenario as it will inspire teams to play a fair match showing match spirit and inclusiveness towards other teams’ players.

“Lighthouse” by the Croatian singer Nina Kraljić has been announced as the official anthem for the tournament. The song is also one of hope and having belief in oneself. It would inspire the players to have faith in their abilities and their teammates to fight back and show intensity during difficult times. The tournament has one another official anthem, which is the Bulgarian singer Poli Genova’s song “If Love Was a Crime”. These two songs complement each other beautifully and would serve its purpose of bringing fans and players together during this tournament.

The tournament also has a second official song, which is the Indian singer Priyanka Chopra’s single “in My City”. It encapsulates the Copa America’s first time history of hosting the tournament outside of a South American country perfectly.
Football is a beautiful game that brings people from different cultures and across different nations together, united by their love and passion for the game. These four songs, serving as the official songs and anthems for the tournament, are a perfect way for these people coming together to celebrate as one entire community of footballers. 

Copa America 2016 International Friendly Fixtures

This summer USA will be host to the Copa America Centenario, marking the first time this competition will be played outside South America. The occasion is big, the stakes are high, and the players are looking to put their life on the line to help their respective countries fight through this grueling tournament and emerge victorious. But before the heat starts rising and tempers start soaring in June, the teams would be warming up with some international friendly matches that would give them a taste of what’s it going to be like in the real arena.

The aggression and intent during friendly matches might not be on those levels which are at display when teams are fighting to win big for their countries, but they nevertheless throw a sneak peak at what we could be witnessing come June. For the benefit of those intending to follow the Copa America this summer (not sure why anyone would want to miss out on such a thrilling display of football), we prepared a comprehensive schedule detailing the fixtures of all international friendly matches taking place between now and the start of the tournament in June.
A small note to the ones who are new to following the Copa America Centenario, there are 16 teams participating divided into four groups with four teams each. The tournament starts from 3rd June onwards, and all the friendly matches are scheduled before that with none of the competing teams playing in a friendly match who have been pitched together in the same group.

Copa America International Friendly Fixtures

Sun, May 22: Puerto Rico V/S United Stated – 09:00 PM (IST)
Tue, May 24: Peru V/S Trinidad & Tobago – 06:30 AM (IST)
Wed, May 25: Panama V/S Venezuela – 06:30 AM (IST)
Thurs, May 26: United States V/S Ecuador – 05:00 AM (IST)
Sat, May 28: Uruguay V/S Trinidad & Tobago – 04:10 AM (IST)
                       Argentina V/S Honduras – 04:30 AM (IST)
                       Chile V/S Jamaica – 04:30 AM (IST)
                       Costa Rica V/S Venezuela – 07:00 AM (IST)
Sun, May 29: Mexico V/S Paraguay - -2:00 AM (IST)
                         Peru V/S El Salvador – 05:00 AM (IST)
                        United States V/S Bolivia – 05:00 AM (IST)
Mon, May 30: Colombia V/S Haiti – 03:00 AM (IST)
                           Brazil V/S Panama – 06:30 AM (IST)
Thurs, June 2: Venezuela V/S Guatemala – 05:00 AM (IST)
                          Mexico V/S Chile – 08:00 AM (IST) 

Copa America Centenario Schedule Indian Time

Copa America Centenario Schedule  Indian Time: With less than a month to go for the all American football showdown taking place in the United States this year, Copa America Centenario promises to be a dazzling affair with football’s some of the biggest names coming together to secure this coveted title for their respective country. The games would be intense, the fixtures tough, with only those who display grit and consistency throughout the tournament being able to handle the pressure which inevitable accompanies at a stage with stakes raised so high. This year’s tournament would certainly be a treat for the eyes of football fans all across the world, as they would be able to witness some of football’s greats pitting against one another.

The passion and love with which football is followed in South American countries and Europe is a well recognized fact. However, there has been a steady growth of viewership and fan-following in India over the past few years, and a number of Indian fans pledge their support for their favorite players and teams with such ferocity and dedication that more than matches their European and South American counterparts.
For those wishing to follow closely the Copa America 2016 as the games pan out throughout the month of June, we have outlined a detailed schedule with all the fixtures in Indian Standard Time (IST) so that you don’t miss a single match.

Copa America Centenario Schedule  Indian Time

Sat, June 4: United States v/s Colombia (Group A) – 07:00 AM (IST)
Sun, June 5: Costa Rica v/s Paraguay (Group A) – 02:30 AM (IST)
                       Haiti v/s Peru (Group B) – 05:00 AM (IST)
                       Brazil v/s Ecuador (Group B) – 07:30 AM (IST)
Mon, June 6: Jamaica v/s Venezuela (Group C) – 02:30 AM (IST)
                        Mexico v/s Uruguay (Group C) – 05:30 AM (IST)
Tue, June 7: Panama v/s Bolivia (Group D) – 04:30 AM (IST)
                       Argentina v/s Chile (Group C) – 07:30 AM (IST)
Wed, June 8: United States v/s Costa Rica (Group A) – 05:30 AM (IST)
                         Colombia v/s Paraguay (Group A) – 08:00 AM (IST)
Thurs, June 9: Brazil v/s Haiti (Group B) – 05:00 AM (IST)
                          Ecuador v/s Peru (Group B) – 07:30 AM (IST)
Fri, June 10: Uruguay v/s Venezuela (Group C) – 05:00 AM (IST)
                       Mexico v/s Jamaica (Group C) – 07:30 AM (IST)
Sat, June 11: Chile v/s Bolivia (Group D) – 04:30 AM (IST)
                        Argentina v/s Panama (Group D) – 07:00 AM (IST)
Sun, June 12: United States v/s Paraguay (Group A) – 04:30 AM (IST)
                         Colombia v/s Costa Rica (Group A) – 06:30 AM (IST)
Mon, June 13: Ecuador v/s Haiti (Group B) – 04:00 AM (IST)
                           Brazil v/s Peru (Group B) – 06:00 AM (IST)
Tue, June 14: Mexico v/s Venezuela (Group C) – 05:30 AM (IST)
                         Uruguay v/s Jamaica (Group C) – 07:30 AM (IST)
Wed, June 15: Chile v/s Panama (Group D) – 05:30 AM (IST)
                           Argentina v/s Bolivia (Group D) – 07:30 AM (IST)
Fri, June 17:  1A v/s 2B – 07:00 AM (IST)
Sat, June 18: 1B v/s 2A – 05:30 AM (IST)
Sun, June 19: 1D v/s 2C – 04:30 AM (IST)
                         1C v/s 2D – 07:30 AM (IST)
Wed, June 22: Quarter-final 1 Winner v/s Quarter-final 3 Winner – 06:30 AM (IST)
Thurs, June 23: Quarter-final 2 Winner v/s Quarter-final 4 Winner – 05:30 AM (IST)
Sun, June 26: Semi-final 1 Loser v/s Semi-final 2 Loser – 05:30 AM (IST)
Mon, June 27: Semi-final 1 Winner v/s Semi-final 2 Winner – 05:30 AM (IST) 

COPA America Winners 1916 - 2016

COPA America Winners 1916 - 2016 :- This South America tournament called COPA America started exactly 100 years ago in 1916. It is one if the oldest football competitions in the history of soccer. It is one of the major tournaments in football and now it is 100 years old which really makes it a prestigious competition. It use to have 12 teams from Conmebol, however, for the first time there will be 16 teams which will include 6 teams from CONCACAF.

COPA America Winners 1916-2016

Last year defending champion is Chile, who were crowned as 2015 champions and it was through penalty shoot out that made them champions in the Final against Argentina. The most successful nation in this competition is Uruguay as it has 15 titles to its credit. Argentina is a close second with 14 titles and Brazil has won the competition 8 times. When Chile won in 2015 it was the first time for them.

Copa America Winners List 1916-2016:

Team No. Of Titles
Uruguay 15
Argentina 14
Brazil 8
Paraguay 2
Peru 2
Chile 1
Colombia 1
Bolivia 1

COPA America Hosts till 2016:

Team No. Of Titles
Argentina 9
Uruguay 7
Chile 7
Peru 6
Brazil 4
Ecuador 3
Bolivia 2

No Fixed Host - 3 times (1975, 1979 & 1983)
Paraguay, Colombia & Venezuela (1999, 2001 & 2007)

COPA America - Interesting Facts

Most appearances - 40, Uruguay
Maximum finals - 26 Argentina
Maximum Semi-finals - 34 - Uruguay
Maximum matches played - 184, Uruguay
Minimum matches played - 3, Japan, Jamaica
Maximum wins - 111, Argentina
Maximum losses - 81, Chile
Maximum Draws - 31, Argentina & Peru
Maximum goals scored - 422 Argentina
Maximum goals conceded - 296, Ecuador
Minimum goals scored - 0, Jamaica
Minimum goals conceded - 3, Jamaica
Best goal average per match - 2.44, Argentina
Wort goal average per match - 0.83, Honduras

COPA America Centenario Opening Ceremony 2016

COPA America Centenario Opening Ceremony 2016 :- Americas is going to get into their annual festival and it will be a very important event for them as it is closing on 100 years. The emotions will run high as all the team will fight to win the tournament plus the added incentive to win it in its 100th year will be something very precious to all the players and managers.

Live Streaming COPA America 2016 

The opening ceremony of COPA America 2016 can be seen on below mentioned channels.

1)Live on Xbox and YouTube
2)Sony Six HD
3)Sony ESPN

Timings - 8:00 PM US Local Time (3rd June) & 5:30 AM IST (4th June)

Venue - Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara California

The opening ceremony will be followed by match between USA vs Colombia at 9:30 PM Eastern Time. The opening ceremony will be few hours before the real action on football field, soccer has really become a raze in South America and it will be held out side North America for the first time.

COPA America 2016 - Quick Facts

COPA America 2016 is one of the major annual football events across the world it comes really close to FIFA and Euro Cup. The 45th edition of the COPA America cup will be help in the USA.

The match that will be played after COPA America 2016 opening ceremony will be for Group A.

COPA America 2016 Live Broadcast 

Below where you can catch up COPA America 2016 live:

3)Bein Sports
5)Fox Sports
6)Sky Sports
8)Sony Six
9)Sony ESPN

Please ensure you check the local scheduling and keep your reminders either on TV or Phone, as this is a mega event which should not be missed by any sport fanatic. It will be really great to see some of the stars and few new players who will go on to become a star during the course of this tournament.

We are sure it will keep everyone glued to their TV sets or computers from June 3rd 2016.  

COPA America 2016 Fixtures, Kits & Squads

COPA America 2016 Fixtures, Kits & Squads
One of the most accomplished teams of COPA America, this is one team you cannot take lightly. Overall team composition is great and all the bases are covered for them.
Paraguay COPA America 2016 Squad
Goalkeepers: Antony Silva, Justo Villar, Alfredo Aguila
Defenders: Paulo da Silva (Captain), Miguel Samudio, Fabian Balbuena, Blas Riveros, Gustavo Gomez, Bruno Valdez, Pablo Aguilar, Juan Gabriel Patino, Ivan Piris
Midfielders: Celso Ortiz, Nestor Ortigoza, Jonathan Santana, Hernan Perez, Osvaldo Martinez, Juan Rodrigo Rojas, Richard Ortiz, Oscar Romero
Forwards: Roque Santa Cruz (Captain), Derlis Gonzalez, Lucas Barrios, Jorge Benitez, Edgar Benitez, Antonio Sanabria, Juan Iturbe, Dario Lezcano
Paraguay COPA America 2016 Kit
Paraguay has not made any change in the kit from last year and they will be entering the tournament in their traditional red and white competition.

One of the most followed team always; they had a disastrous world cup and would like to redeem themselves in the COPA America 2016
Brazil COPA America 2016 Squad
Coach: Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri (Dunga), Brazil
Goalkeeper: Diego Alves, Marcelo Grohe, Alisson Becker
Defender: Marquinhos, Miranda, Filipe Luís, Alex Sandro, Gil, Dani Alves, Danilo, Felipe
Midfielder: Lucas Lima, Douglas Costa, Philippe Coutinho, Willian, Luiz Gustavo, Fernandinho, Renato Augusto, Oscar
Forward: Gabriel, Jonas, Ricardo Oliveira
Brazil COPA America 2016 Kit
The Kit will remain same for  Brazil, they will be in their customary Yellow and Blue.
Most of the other teams are still to lay out their teams and Kit. However, the schedule is mentioned below:

COPA America 2016 Fixtures

Friday, June 3
9:30 PM ETUnited States vs ColombiaLevi's StadiumFS1
Saturday, June 4
5:00 PM ETCosta Rica vs ParaguayOrlando Citrus BowlFOX
7:30 PM ETHaiti vs PeruCenturyLink FieldF2
10:00 PM ETBrazil vs EcuadorRose BowlF1
Sunday, June 5
5:00 PM ETJamaica vs VenezuelaSoldier FieldFOX
8:00 PM ETMexico vs UruguayUniversity of
Phoenix Stadium
Monday, June 6
7:00 PM ETPanama vs BoliviaOrlando Citrus BowlFS1
10:00 PM ETArgentina vs ChileLevi's StadiumFS1
Tuesday, June 7
8:00 PM ETUnited States vs Costa RicaSoldier FieldFS1
10:30 PM ETColombia vs ParaguayRose BowlFS1
Wednesday, June 8
7:30 PM ETBrazil vs HaitiOrlando Citrus BowlFS1
10:00 PM ETEcuador vs PeruUniversity of Phoenix StadiumFS2
Thursday, June 9
7:30 PM ETUruguay vs VenezuelaLincoln Financial FieldFS1
10:00 PM ETMexico vs JamaicaRose BowlFS1
Friday, June 10
7:00 PM ETChile vs BoliviaGillette StadiumFOX
9:30 PM ETArgentina vs PanamaSoldier FieldFOX
Saturday, June 11
7:00 PM ETUnited States vs ParaguayLincoln Financial FieldFS1
9:00 PM ETColombia vs Costa RicaNRG StadiumFS2
Sunday, June 12
6:30 PM ETEcuador vs HaitiMetLife StadiumFS2
8:30 PM ETBrazil vs PeruGillette StadiumFS1
Monday, June 13
8:00 PM ETMexico vs VenezuelaNRG StadiumFS1
10:00 PM ETUruguay vs JamaicaLevi's StadiumFS1
Tuesday, June 14
8:00 PM ETChile vs PanamaLincoln Financial FieldFS1
10:00 PM ETArgentina vs BoliviaCenturyLink FieldFS1